Mindful slow flow yoga

Mindful slow flow yoga is a yoga practice suited for people who want the benefits of a gentle practice and yogis of all ages, shapes and sizes who want to go deeper but not harder.

I recommend this class for anyone who feels the need to take a little more care with the body. It is highly beneficial for blood pressure, the nervous system and the joints and is achievable for bodies that need a little more love and support. 

The class starts with breath work  and moves into mindful movement and ends with  so leaves you feeling energized. If you are a highly active person and have trouble relaxing this class may be challenging for you but I promise, learning the skills of softening into your body and moving mindfully is so worth it. It improves mental health, resilience, immune system response and leaves you feeling calmer and more in control.

You are encouraged to stay comfy and have a chair handy.

Each class ends with a relaxation so have your blanket and be ready to get cosy.   

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