Day 1: The breath

  • Build awareness of own beliefs around meditation and mindfulness and develop an understanding of what meditation is.

  • Practice body scan meditation and mountain meditation.

  • Understand the science of the breath

  • Understand the benefits for learners’ especially those with suffering with anxiety or learners finding it difficult to concentrate. Acquire communication skills for explaining these benefits to your classes

  • Use meditation at the start of a class to improve the quality of learning

  • Chose assignment based on the needs of a class and syllabus

  • Commit to a practice for these five days


Day 2: The body

  • Develop awareness of the effects of meditation for stress, discuss the types of stress both teachers and learners face and identify effective methods of dealing with them.

  • Practice counting the breath meditation

  • Discuss self care for teachers, define teachers role in relation to using meditation in the classroom (Creating space and time, outlining the benefits, leading the experience)

  • Develop an understanding of how physical posture affects concentration and breathing

  • Discuss physical changes for teens and tween and the emotional effects of them

  • Practice listening skills and the listening meditation

  • Assignment work: Planning

Day 3: The mind and biochemistry

  • Develop observational skills

  • Practice alternate nostril breathing

  • Discuss issues of hormonal changes and body consciousness in kids and the meditations most effective with the age groups you're teaching

  • Discuss how cognitive behavioural therapy can be used

  • Assignment work: Practice relaxation

Day 4: Power

  • Practice meditation and visualisation as a subject specific teaching tool

  • Practice the victorious breath

  • Develop a greater understanding of the stresses and psychological issues for 15-18 year old learners and the meditation techniques that are best suited

  • Discuss how we can talk about depression, self harm and suicide with teens and the benefits of a regular meditation practice.


Day 5: Potential

  • Practice sectional breathing

  • Use closing meditations at the end of a class to improve learning mental and emotional well being and aid retention of material covered.

  • Review material covered

  • Present assignments

  • Practice the sunflower meditation

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