Syllabus yoga in the classroom

Children in Yoga Class

The overall aim of that teachers will have simple yoga sequences they can use for their own practice and will be confident in teaching short simple yoga sequences for their students. 

This course aims to promote teacher and student well being through yoga. By using the tools of yoga in the classroom we can be more present with our students, have a happier class atmosphere and better learning outcomes.   


Day 1: Centring and connecting

  • Centring techniques for teachers and learners

  • The power of self practice- simple guided Asana sequence 

  • Centring pranayama (just breath + the diaphragmatic breath)

  • What is yoga? 

  • Classroom yoga

  • Creating a safe space 

Day2 : Getting them moving 

  • Your yoga - simple guided Asana session

  • Releasing energy and waking up sleepy students

  • Yoga and creativity: Yoga stories

  • The full yogic breath

  • The chakras

Day 3: Cultivating focus and concentration 

  • Balancing breath (alternate nostril breathing) 

  • Asana session: Balancing poses

  • Yoga for concentration

  • Working from the core

Day 4: Improving retention with reflection and relaxation

  • Reflection and letting go for teachers

  • Yoga Nidra (relaxation and visualisation)

  • Pranayama: The boxed breath

  • KLW  - reflection and feedback 

Day 5: Over to you- present assignments and restorative session

  • Short self practice sequence 

  • Review material covered

  • Present assignments

  • Restorative yoga session